Twisted Films is run by award winning filmmaker Terence Raymond Wright. Based in Cheshire in the Northwest of England, Twisted Films have won awards in the past for their writing, directing and video production skills.

At Twisted Films, we pride ourselves on innovation in all aspects related to video production. From conceptual formation to the final edit, we proudly offer a full range of services that take care of everything needed to make impactful videos that will engage, entertain and inform their audience.  We always use the best in cutting edge video production equipment to ensure our clients receive the highest quality videos possible.

We produce a wide range of videos for large companies, small business owners, educators, major brands and individuals who are all looking for the same thing: to reach a wider audience through the power of video.  Whatever your video production needs and budget, Twisted Films has a solution for you.


Our studio can now offer businesses sales, promotional and marketing films at resolutions from 1080p up to 4k cinema resolution. Why have a film produced now at low web resolutions when you can future proof yourselves by having all your videos filmed and delivered at up to IMAX resolutions?

Spy adverts has reached 4 million views in 3 months

The spy adverts that we created for Impact China has gone viral and have received over 4 million views in the past 3 months.

The Storm Before The Calm short film

We are now in post-production of our latest short film, The Storm Before The Calm.  This innovative film is based on an original idea and has a great script, respected cast and has been shot and mastered in 4k.  Although we’re still working on the film, we’ve had great demand from festivals organisers to premiere the film at their festival.

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